A Blog dealing with films from the arthouse to the grindhouse as well as classic cocktails

Established in 2020, Snake’s Place is a blog focusing on films from the arthouse to the grindhouse. I’ll also include the occasional article on the classic cocktails I like to accompany my movie watching.

Latest Posts

Nightmare USA Project

For this post, which will almost certainly end up as the longest on this site, I’m going to attempt to write about every film that is given its own essay in my favorite book on genre cinema even, Nightmare USA. I’ll be updating this as I go, so make sure to check back to seeContinue reading “Nightmare USA Project”

Ingmar Bergman’s Cinema – Opening Night (Criterion Collection)

Disc 1: Smiles of a Summer Night (Opening Night) When starting this journey into Bergman’s cinema, I certainly did not expect a sex comedy to be my jumping off point. I can understand why Criterion would want to open this massive collection with a film like Smiles of a Summer Night though. It’s a crowdContinue reading “Ingmar Bergman’s Cinema – Opening Night (Criterion Collection)”


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